Kits and Models

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Steampunk Kits and Models.


Steam Replicas Model Steam engines

Hargrave Aero Modellers

Gaslight League of Justice custom figures

Steam Noir The Creations of William Wardrop

Steam Walker CG model

Victorian Peeper Trains

Eole Model Kit

Jules Verne Models

Across The Pond Civil War Model Submarines

E-Voo RC Airships

 Starship Modeler Steampunk Model

Steam spider model

Resurgam Submarine Model Kit

Steam driven robotTin toy

Kirkrobot Toy mod

A working replica of a civil war era Ironclad

Flying Device Steam Toy airship

Otonanokagak Edison style music recorders and kit radios.

Ministeam Steam Toys

Flying Device Model

Donkey Device Model

Boilerplate the robot

MarblesFan page.

Monsters In MotionAnother Cavorite sphere model.

A selection of cool scratch builds and kits can be found at Starship Modeler.com.

Zinc Panic Koubu Kai - Maria Type


Card Models

Zeppelin Card Model

Tin Paper Airship Card Model

Waldenfront Cigar Ship Card Kit

Fiddlersgreen Card Aircraft Models

Green Witch Card Sterling Engine

Nautilus Paper Model

Bunny Burn 2007: The Robots Sengkelat's Photo set

Airship Card Model

Gustiv Whitehead's 1899 Flying Machine paper model

 Card Model Eole Aircraft

 Card Model Aircraft

Henson-Flying machineEarly Aircraft card kit.

Tin SoldierSteampunk card models

CurrelR100 Airship card model

CurrelR101 Airship card model

Vickers transoceanic airship card model


Lego  Steam Wagon

Floating Island Lego page.

OzBricks Lego page.

Lego Steampunk Group

Lego Steampunk Lego fan.

Lego Display

Lego fan site


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