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New but familiar Worlds Is Steampunk For You? A


My name is Kevin and I became a fan of steampunk when I found a book called The Court of the Air on the shelf at a Walmart. The cover was simple with an epic feel. As I read the story it felt exactly what I was looking for. It was fantasy set in a more modern era than that of knights and dragons. As I became a fan I learned that this was a genre called steampunk fiction. It included airships, clockwork men, epic battles, magic mutants and more. This entire genre's strongest medium is books as the movies like the golden compass lack any real staying power. Steampunk is here to stay and their should be a distinction between the steampunk fashion and the steampunk fiction that encompasses it.


Steampunk is a total game changer and is an absolute awesome genre. You will want to start with epic novels like China Mieville's the Scar and Stephen Hunt's the court of the air. These are epic steampunk books that will someday be made into a feature film. I love reading and writing about steampunk and hope that you will check out my blog https://steampunkbooks.net I put a lot of time and work into reading and writing about these awesome steampunk works and hope that you will enjoy reading and debating with me their merits. Whenever I seem to discuss steampunk I seem to draw controversy.



The Best works of Steampunk


The best works of steampunk are subjective but if you would like to start on your steampunk journey some good books might include The Scar or The Court of the Air both wonderful though The Scar might be considered a little difficult for readers just starting their steampunk journey. The The Strang Affair of Springheeled Jack is another popular steampunk book.


There are some excellent works of steampunk. Your going to find among the best works by Stephen Hunt, Mark Hodder and China Mieville.

China Mieville is the Greatest Author since Mark Twain

Not since Mark Twain has there been an author that knows how to keep a story interesting like China Mieville. Works like The Scar, Rail Sea and The Census Taker are works that orbit the steampunk neighborhood. The novels are interesting and are sometime called New Weird rather than steampunk.

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