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What is Steampunk

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What is it fashion or fiction

Tell me what is steampunk. Well steampunk is just about the most subjective genre of something the world has ever seen. It is incredibly difficult to determine exactly what steampunk is as the their is both steampunk fashion and steampunk novels and books.

This has made for some confusion as it isn't exactly clear what is the foundation. Is it people dressing up it bizarre steampunk costumes with goggles and frocks or is it the alternative history set in some sort of Victorian world. Is it fantasy or science fiction. The fact is that it is a little of both and neither. It's not really science fiction as there is not a lot of technology that is futuristic. Steampunk technology in a lot of was is anachronistic.

Steampunk Books are the foundation of all of steampunk. The costumes and characters people dress up in have to exist in some medium beyond folks in conventions. Steampunk is generally set in Victorian England although this is so common that alternate settings are almost preferred. Steampunk can take place in an entirely fictional world or even another planet. Generally the major form of transportation are trains and airships. Muskets or more modern revolvers are the weapon of choice. And don't forget the violin playing automatons


Steampunk is a really great genre. It is a combination of alternate history science fiction and fantasy.  If you don't like the traditional fantasy with dragons and knights but still

what to goto a fantasy world then steampunk is the genre for you. Airships, Analog Computers and Automatons are just some of the really cool elements of steampunk.


There is a big difference between steampunk fiction and steampunk fashion. Steampunk is a strange subject lacking a solid core understanding what it is at it's root. Some view it as a costume club and some a literature movement. Now don't even get

me started on steampunk bands which are just silly. What does it mean to be a steampunk band? You dress up like a steampunk guy and play your metal core? It's simply not preferable.Wiki Wiki  


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